Charms & Pendants

Charms & Pendants

Whether a necklace or bracelet to wear on your arm,

Jewelry gets better with a charm.

Oxidized Winter Hat Charm Save 25%
High Heel Boot Charm Save 31%
Open Toe High Heel Charm Save 25%
Oxidized Crown Charm with Lobster Clasp Save 31%
Love To Shop Reversible Bag Charm Save 30%
Oxidized Suitcase Charm Save 29%
Oxidized Track Shoes Charm Save 30%
Police Officer Hat Charm Save 29%
Pink Epoxy Purse Charm with Lobster Clasp Save 29%
Oxidized Running Shoe Charm Save 25%
Binoculars Charm Save 26%

Binoculars Charm

Pair of Handcuffs Charm Save 26%

Rhodium Plated Suitcase Charm with Lobster Clasp

Item # 74219

Save 32%

Sterling silver charm with blue enamel suitcase and lobster clasp. The suitcase has a sterling silver key, and multicolor enamel accents. The suitcase is approximately 9mm x 13mm. The charm hangs approximately 21mm.

Made with .925 Sterling Silver.

Additional items pictured shown for reference are available, but not included.

Epoxy High Heel Charm with Lobster Clasp Save 31%
High Heel Charm Save 30%

High Heel Charm

Oxidized Hair Spray Charm Save 30%
Oxidized Mittens Charm Save 33%
Pair of Movable Sandals Charm Save 27%
Oxidized Pair Sandals Charm Save 29%
Cellular Phone Charm Save 30%
Sunglasses Charm Save 24%

Sunglasses Charm