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Due to customs and other regulations in foreign countries, we do not sell outside of the United States, nor do we ship to countries ouside of the United States.

We may be reached by email at allen @ needjewelry.com .  Leave out the spaces, we list this with the spaces to stop spam emails.  Toll Free 1-866-542-5536, (1-866-54ALLEN) or from your unlimited cell, dial 817-731-0137. 

If we miss your call,  Don't despair! Leave us a message.  We will call you back.

We do NOT sell the "needed" necklace, bracelet, earrings, etc.  Wrong company.  Sorry.  They say they worked with Harpo.  Call Oprah and see if she can find them.

Our mailing address is Allen W. Cooper & Associates, LLC, 3912 Clayton Road West, Fort Worth, Texas 76116-7954.  We're sorry but we do NOT have jewelry for sale at our office, and we do not accept visitors at the office address.  All jewelry is maintained and shipped from our warehouse.

We do not sell to the EU and do not conform to their rules.  If you continue to use our website from an EU country, you acknowledge that fact.