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Ground shipping $2.95. Free on orders over $35.00. Click menu button on left or use our search feature.
Ground shipping $2.95. Free on orders over $35.00. Click menu button on left or use our search feature.

FAQs About Vintage, Costume and Pre-owned Jewelry

Thank you for considering our vintage, costume or pre-owned jewelry.

We carry these items as a way to add some fun to our inventory.  We do NOT claim to be experts on these items, and will show you what is "signed" or "impressed" or "made" into the jewelry as far as trademarks, manufactured marks, etc.  We do not warranty these marks, but show you what exists in the jewelry.

Pre-owned jewelry is guaranteed to be in the described condition, which includes the pictures shown as a part of the description.  If in doubt about a shadow or mark that might have been a camera shadow, etc., please ask.  We will do our best to tell you exactly what is on the jewelry.

Older jewelry is subject to some nicks, dings, loose stones, etc.  They, like us, have been around a while and might not be in pristine condition.  Aren't the bumps and bruises what "makes" us what we are?  Where these items are noted, we will definitely point them out to you or show them in pictures.

We don't guarantee what the products included in manufacturing or if they would pass today's standards.  They are a part of history.  If we've read something special from another source about a certain piece, we might note it.  We do not guarantee the credentials of the authors or their notes, we will just tell you about them and where they were quoted.  It's up to you from there.  We are NOT offering these items for an investment in anything other than the happiness of wearing a fun, whimsical or nostalgic piece of jewelry.  If it says sterling, we will point that out.  We do NOT individually test the items, but since we've been online since 1999, and selling jewelry for WAY longer than that, we will not intentionally mislead you.  We want your continued business and for you to tell your friends and family to shop on

We do honor a money back guarantee (less shipping on these items) for 30 days.  If you are not happy with the merchandise you buy from, you won't come back.  We pride ourselves on customers that come back.  It is part of our "joy" in life, and we try really hard not to let anyone steal our joy.

Vintage items are usually dated BEFORE 2000, but something might slip in this category, so we just say, vintage, pre-owned and costume.

We price our jewelry based on acquisition cost and a fair mark up.  Some items that we could get MUCH more for, we'd rather sale at an affordable price to be enjoyed and just keep offering more.

Have fun with jewelry.  It's one of life's extra blessings!