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Needjewelry.com Jewelinx Hanger

Jewelinx is an organization solution, with which you can store and display jewelry with your clothes. Excellent for busy professionals or students that want to put all of their accessories together with tomorrow's outfit or a week at a time

Jewelinx stops you from forgetting your earrings when running out the door.

It also helps organize your necklace, earrings and bracelets or other accessories. You can easily move the Jewelinx from blouse to blouse until you get the right match...then just hook it over the hanger with all items attached.


Jewelinx is a great way to set up clothing for those needing special assistance in selecting or organizing their jewelry and clothing.  Jewelinx is a great way for caregivers to assist in putting together clothing and accessories for easy access by their loved ones or clients. Imagine giving the vision impaired the ability to put all of the right items with their clothing by placing matching items on a Jewelinx and hanging it over a matching outfit.

Going to the gym and wanting to make sure you get everything out of the locker before leaving?  Carry a Jewelinx into the gem and place in your locker.

Great for men and women, Jewelinx holds watches, ties, belts, scarfs, earrings, bracelets, etc.

Jewelinx has been featured on numerous television shows and used by celebrities around the country.  Watch some of the videos to see how YOU or a loved one can use Jewelinx.

Available in Black or White. Jewelinx comes in a clever acrylic gift container.  Makes a great gift to say "thanks" to someone special.

Usually ships next business day. Holidays and weekends may affect shipment.